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Rising Energy Prices are annoying...

We Drive down energy costs

Lifetime cover system for your business bringing you the best rates in the market.

We Drive down the price of energy every single day

War on UK energy prices

A few things you need to know…

Rising energy costs means there are fewer deals available, and with prices higher this winter than last year, it’s difficult to know what to do…

Volitility in the energy markets is causing suppliers to continuously devise ways to reduce risk, when wholesale markets changes the retail markets do not reflect immediately.

Simmilar issues have prevailed in our forecourts (petrol stations), with the case of petrol prices, a study recently found that only 10% of the nations forecourts reflected the true changes in pricing thus passing on better rates to the public, however, 90% of forcourts did not.

Click to enlarge. Data provided by Ofgem - correct as of Oct 2022
For Lifetime - Year on Year

Reduce & Fix Energy Costs

Lowest Rates Hunt

Pooling resources, sourcing best market options

Switch to Save

Supervised & managed switch upon approval

Lifetime Service

Ensuring you're always on the best rates year on year.

Openess and Honesty

Transparency & Guarantee

Our partnerships give us access to the lowest energy supply rates for business. To keep your costs down to a minimum, we do not apply margins (to make our commissions) to your unit rates as other energy brokers & suppliers do.

Instead, we only charge a small one-off setup fee (for lifetime cover) per site (which is only £99), this is backed by our promised money back guarantee of 150% (refunded) should you find better prices elsewhere. This fee covers your business site for a lifetime service, year on year we will ensure your site is on the best possible rates.

We are confident that you will not be able to find a better deal anywhere else, so much so, that, we are willing to put our own money on it.

What we will do for you:

Dedicated Account Manager

One point of contact tasked with helping you

Energy Health Check

Ensuring you are on the best available unit rates

Price Watch

Keeping you on the best rates year on year

Usage & Costs Reconciliation

Ensuring you are only paying for what you use

Supplier Support

Managing queries, debt resolution and supply issues

Green Energy

Helping you to reduce your carbon footprint whilst saving money

Step 1

Provide details for supply location on the grid.

Step 2

Confirm booking.

Step 3

Lock-in reduced & fixed costs.

Let’s get your site located on the National Grid
Regional Market Rates
Exclusive Access

ELECTRICITY 27.3p /KWh 26.5p /KWh 28.2p /KWh 55.6 /KWh 32p  /KWh 26.02p /KWh 29.5p /KWh 64p /KWh 29.3p /KWh 27.3p /KWh 26.5p /KWh 28.2p /KWh 55.6 /KWh 32p  /KWh 26.02p /KWh 29.5p /KWh 64p /KWh 29.3p /KWh Base Unit Rate

Gas 8.4p /KWh 8.5p /KWh 9.23p /KWh 10.33p /KWh 13.8p  /KWh 15.1p /KWh 12.7p /KWh 8.4p /KWh 8.5p /KWh 9.23p /KWh 10.33p /KWh 13.8p  /KWh 15.1p /KWh 12.7p /KWh Base Unit Rate

Peter J.
Peter J.
Off License, Manchester
Read More
I was sceptical at first, the extra refund pushed me to do it, I'm very happy I did, I have saved £800 this year
Angela N.
Angela N.
Flower Shop, Huddersfield
Read More
So happy with the savings, i wish I knew about this sooner, thank you guys!
Nauman R
Nauman R
Restaurant, Coventry
Read More
We got in touch before starting our business they helped get everything arranged including meters too, very impressed.
David P.
David P.
Insurance Broker, Birmingham
Read More
Very Happy with the service i always compare with other brokers and these guys always come in the lowest every single time.
Olivia A.
Olivia A.
Cafe Restaurant, South Yorkshire
Read More
You guys have saved me alot of money and fixed my bills, i'm happy I can finally let you guys take care of this for me, thank you
Daniel R.
Daniel R.Mechanic, Leeds
Read More
Its so good to be looked aftered, my bills kept going up and the team took care of it for me, i think i'm saving 25%, thats huge for me.
James B.
James B.
Factory Owner, Glasgow
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I couldn't beleive it, I was shocked at what these can do, my supplier couldnt even beat their own rate, i don't understand it but it works!
Abdullah P.
Abdullah P.
Dental Practise, Norwich
Read More
A nice today saving and the next few years are fixed so I know exactly what I am dealing with, its helped me a lot this time of year.
You are now only one step away from lifetime energy cost savings…

We can get you huge savings on your business gas and electricity bills, since we are proven experts in procuring and managing energy & suppliers.

We compare gas and electricity prices with all major suppliers in the UK, checking renewal options & switches, helping you save money on bills.